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Waukegan Tire – Park City

Family-owned and operated business started in 1968, and now operates four locations in Grayslake, Park City, and Waukegan, IL and Kenosha, WI.


Waukegan Tire - Park City


3444 Washington St
Park City Illinois 60085
United States


(847) 336-5305

Waukegan Tire, a leader in the tire industry, has been providing personalized service, quality tires, custom wheels and automotive services for over 50 years to customers throughout northern Illinois, southeastern Wisconsin and beyond. As an industry leader, Waukegan Tire has been twice nationally recognized by Tire Review as a Top Shop - honored to be among the top four independent tire dealers nationwide that best epitomize the key attributes and values of a highly successful independent tire business. The company is also uniquely recognized for its leadership in providing an outstanding experience for women.


About Park City

Park City is a small city located in the Warren and Waukegan townships of Lake County, Illinois, United States, on the northern end of the Chicago metropolitan area. Per the 2020 census, the population was 7,885. == History == Park City was incorporated in 1958 through the approval of a referendum by Park City residents. The incorporation was spearheaded by the owners of four trailer parks in the community who wanted to avoid annexation by the neighboring city of Waukegan. In the late 1970s, a federal lawsuit was filed against Park City, alleging that the city was engaging in housing discrimination against non-whites.

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